Information about some special events and festivals in Binh Dinh in 2023

08/02/2023 7655 0
Binh Dinh is fortunate to be the land of the Central region with a rich festival system, including customary festivals, craft village festivals, historical festivals, religious festivals, etc. These types of festivals inherently exist. It has been a long time and has become an extremely valuable asset of Binh Dinh in educating and fostering the spirit of the next generation. The people here, today are still together to preserve and popularize to tourists all over the country and the world.

Binh Dinh, a land rich in cultural traditions - national history and customs in the region of Dat Vo - Troi Van. As a place of convergence and cultural interference of many ethnic groups, the forms of folklore and traditional festivals are also very diverse and rich. Every year, Binh Dinh takes place many unique traditional festivals, imbued with cultural traditions, festivals and usually focus on spring, showing the harmonious connection between nature and people.

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