Seminar on Promoting Cham tower relics in tourism development

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On the morning of November 22, the Department of Culture and Information coordinated with the Department of Tourism and Binh Dinh Tourism Association to organize a seminar on "Promoting Cham tower relics in Binh Dinh province in tourism development" with nearly 100 delegates who are experts. in the field of culture and tourism, representatives of localities with Cham towers and tourism enterprises in the province attended.
Views of the seminar. Photo: NGOC NHUAN
According to the Department of Culture and Sports, Binh Dinh is a land of sediments with many ancient cultures - a long-term settlement (from the 11th - 15th centuries) and the brilliant development of Champa culture. The whole province has 142 ranked relics; in which, the system of Cham tower relics with 8 clusters and 14 towers with architectural style of the Vijaya period has been ranked as a national monument; Particularly, Duong Long tower (Tay Son district) is ranked as a special national monument. In addition to Cham tower architecture, Binh Dinh also has 3 ancient citadel relics, including: Do Ban Citadel, Cha Citadel, Thi Nai Citadel; 6 relics of ancient pottery kilns, 45 ruins of Champa architecture scattered throughout the province; many unique Champa stone sculptures, in which, there are 9 Champa stone sculptures recognized as national treasures by the Prime Minister.
Duong Long Tower (Tay Son district) is ranked as a special national relic. Photo: NGOC NHUAN

The system of cultural relics of Champa in Binh Dinh contains unique historical and cultural values, and is a cultural tourism resource with the characteristics of Binh Dinh. However, the attraction of tours to Champa cultural heritages in Binh Dinh is still low, it is necessary to continue to have solutions to exploit tourism services more effectively.

At the seminar, cultural and tourism management agencies, experts and tourism enterprises together discussed, exchanged and shared the optimal solutions in preserving, promoting and promoting the values ​​of the natural resources. Cham towers of Binh Dinh, such as: Link tours to bring tourists to visit Cham tower relics, digitize Cham tower relics; exploiting a number of services and performing arts to attract domestic and foreign tourists to Cham tower... in the direction consistent with the current tourism development trend.

The Provincial Museum is currently displaying 6 Champa stone sculptures recognized as national treasures by the Prime Minister. Photo: NGOC NHUAN
On this occasion, the Department of Culture and Sports, the Department of Tourism and the Binh Dinh Tourism Association signed a document to coordinate in organizing and exploiting various art forms and services to organize at Cham towers serving tourists. guests in the near future.

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