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So 68, duong Nam Cao Phường Ghềnh Ráng, Quy Nhon City, Tỉnh Bình Định - 0905609008

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Bep Nha Restaurant that recreates a rustic village from the decoration space to the dishes, the menu ... right in Quy Nhon City. The restaurant recreates the scene of the countryside with winding alleys, shady trees, gourds, bananas ... familiar, helping to bring a peaceful space for customers. In addition to the luxurious areas, Bep Nha Restaurant also has the traditional style areas, with wood stoves, water jars ... Each motif and decoration material at the bar has the breath of the countryside like lanterns. rice-shaped symbolizing a bumper harvest, drawing dragonfly wings on the edge of a pond, kite wings full of wind ...
In order to preserve the ancient cultural values, the restaurant uses all kinds of porcelain cups and tea cups "in your grandparents' time", helping diners enjoy the aftertaste from the delicious dishes of the past. Each space decorated in the restaurant has a nostalgic look, from the old corrugated iron roof, tables and chairs, jars of water to the old television.
The restaurant is open from 10am to 9pm every day with a diverse menu of rustic dishes such as pineapple leaves sticky rice, fried chicken with fish sauce, roasted snakehead fish with tamarind, fried meat, fish sauce, boiled bacon with fish sauce ..., price from a few dozen to less than 200,000 VND a dish.

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Open Time: 10:00

Close Time: 21:00


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Open Time: 10:00 - Close Time: 21:00

So 68, duong Nam Cao Phường Ghềnh Ráng, Quy Nhon City, Tỉnh Bình Định


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